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2022-2023 WCDA Performing Companies 
Sapphire Company- Ages 7+
Ruby Company- Ages 10+
Gold Company- Ages 12* (By Audition only)

2022-2023 Upcoming Performances! 
Visit us at the following events!

Kids Expo!
Saturday, April 22, 2023


WCDA 2nd Annual Summer Showcase
Saturday, June 3, 2023

Cameron Park

2023-2024 WCDA Performing Company information
Rose Performing Company- Ages 5-6
Sapphire Performing Company- Ages 7+
Ruby Performing Company- Ages 10+
Emerald Competition Company - Ages 10-11 in Level 2 classes (By Audition only)
Gold Competition Company- Ages 12-14 in Level 3 classes (By Audition only)

Titanium Senior Dance Collective- Ages 15+ in Level 4 classes (By Audition only)
WCDA Grand Opening Flyer (10).png
To register for the Rose, Sapphire and Ruby companies, please add the company as an additional class on your registration form for the 2023-2024 season. 

Registration for Emerald, Gold and Titanium companies is limited to audition results. Once dancers are notified of their results, you can add your company as an additional class on your registration form. Dancers who did not audition will not be able to joi
n, and must wait for the following audition date. 
To request an information packet, please call us at 530-556-6898 or email us at
Competition Company Audition Expectations.

Please arrive to auditions in a black or WCDA color leotard with tights, shorts or leggings. Please be prepared with jazz shoes or half soles. 

Hair must be put up in a ponytail or bun, and must be away from face. No bulky jewelry allowed. 

Audition Agenda:

Auditions will consist of a group warm up, across the floor technique, group choreography, short solos, and any questions from our panel of instructors. 

WCDA staff will instruct company level technique combinations and jazz choreography that will be a preview for our large group number next season. All dancers will be taught the same movement and will be broken up into groups to perform in front of the instructors. 

Dancers must perform a short solo in front of our WCDA panel of instructors that will highlight their favorite moves and skills they may shine in. This solo must be self choreographed and does not need to be costumed. Regular dancewear is ok.

Any additional questions? Please email us at

WCDA  Performance Companies

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